The Essentials

There are 10 Time-Tested PR Skills That Will Never Go Out Of Styles. Why?

“Because they are the essentials!”

I believe that a good PR practitioner has to be good at the ten skills: writing; interpersonal skills; negotiation; media awareness; research; strategic thinking; attention to details; management; statistics and measurement, and business sense. These skills are also essential to other professionals. They are like the “must-have” skills for having a competitive edge in every professional field, including academy.

Say writing a blog post, sometimes it takes more than just having a great idea to write a decent post. My experiences told me that there are more than one steps required to take before starting writing a post, and they require applying the essentials.

For example, when I know that a blog post I’m going to write is an assignment, which, in other words, I know that my words or I would be judged by a grade, I feel anxious and anxiety can keep me away from writing the post before I even start preparing to write it. (Who would want a bad grade which potentially would be interpreted by grade school administrators as a student who does poorly in college if he or she has plan to go to graduate school?!) When this happens, I’d try to calm myself down by telling myself that “well, a grade doesn’t represent the whole of who I am. I should just do my best.” Being able to recognize stress and to relax self through inner dialog are interpersonal skills.

When I’m calm and fine, then I’d be able to sit still in front of my laptop and prepare to write. I would begin with doing an online, general search about the topic I’m interested to write and whether people have talked about it or about things relevant to it. This procedure involves not only research but also media awareness because I’d consume across varied kinds of media forum such as news, twits, podcast, other people’s blog posts and websites to find out.

When I get an outline about what I’m going to write, I’d think strategically about how I’d communicate my messages so they would “stick” to my readers. Then, I’d start writing. I might include some statistic data into my blog post to support my counterarguments. When I’m done with writing, I’d revise my article by paying attention to details to see if I made grammatical errors. Needless to say, I have to have a good time management skill and to know how to manage each task I mentioned well so I’d finish writing a decent blog post and submit it by the assigned deadline.

Writing blog post is one of the ways I practice my “essential skills.” How about you? How do you practice the essentials?

Photo credit: Victor1558 on Flickr


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