What is PR?

PR stands for public relations.

I like how Deirdre Breakenridge defines PR. He said PR is “a profession founded on both actions and words.” True, we call one who keeps his promise “a man of his words” because he does what he says.

Doing is as important as saying.

A PR campaign’s goal, for example, is to achieve a certain behavioral change on their target audience. The PR campaigners should be capable to create an effective communication plan (turning their idea into words) and to implement the plan (the actions) because, only so, they will be one step closer to achieving their goal.

PR is a profession that requires its practitioners having skills more than simply speaking well and writing well. More than words require to create an effective communication plan and to implement it. Deirdre Breakenridge well defines effective communication and talks about how to achieve it in his blog.

The core of PR I know is to build trustworthy relationships through effective communication. I’m sure this is universally practiced, no matter how PR practitioners in different countries practice differently because we are human beings, and human beings are social animals.


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