“At any one time, there is only one art form that is speaking. Once it was dance, then it was poetry, then the short story. Today it is film, and it feels to me that we need to make that connection now if we really want to see change happen in the world.” – Ken […]

There are 10 Time-Tested PR Skills That Will Never Go Out Of Styles. Why? “Because they are the essentials!” I believe that a good PR practitioner has to be good at the ten skills: writing; interpersonal skills; negotiation; media awareness; research; strategic thinking; attention to details; management; statistics and measurement, and business sense. These skills […]

Today, consumers are more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-conscious. We know that companies should not only concern themselves with how to maximize profit for shareholders but also have concern for the environment, for local communities, for employees and ethical practices. CSR is oftentimes also described as the corporate “triple bottom line”– the totality of the corporation’s financial, social, […]

Recently, I’m on to different kinds of marketing that are involved in social change process. Earlier, I learned that there is social marketing which intends to influence behavior for good and making positive changes among individuals in a target society, and this is what mainly counts to social marketing’s profit. Here’s another kind of marketing […]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local health departments and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are collaboratively investigating a fungal meningitis outbreak among patients who received contaminated steroid injection. There are total 344 cases counted and 25 deaths among 18 states. (The last case update was on Oct. 27 at […]

PR stands for public relations. I like how Deirdre Breakenridge defines PR. He said PR is “a profession founded on both actions and words.” True, we call one who keeps his promise “a man of his words” because he does what he says. Doing is as important as saying. A PR campaign’s goal, for example, […]